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Family and Home

Video Kärcher Steam Cleaner SC3 Review

Review of Kärcher steam cleaner, model SC3. Could this machine give me the edge in my ongoing battle of ” Me versus the house”?! Display of contents out of the box, genuine family-household testing, my verdict about this steam cleaner and feedback on the service offered by ao.com who supplied the product for the purposes of this review.

Chelsea Football Bedroom Makeover with Hillary's Blinds

Today I’m going to show you how I went about designing and decorating a football themed bedroom for my Chelsea mad nine year old son as part of Hillary’s Blinds Big Bedroom Makeover

If you haven’t had an eye test lately you may be surprised at how thorough and technical they are now. It’s a great excuse to relax in a comfy chair too

My 3 year old wears glasses and an eye patch. This book is great for both children who wear glasses and to help those who don’t to understand how children with glasses might see the world.

When the ten year old rejected his real bed in favour of sleeping on the floor, I thought it might be time to look at new more comfortable mattress options. Here’s we asses the pros and cons of a memory foam mattress in our the Dormeo Memory Mattress Review.

Does your child wear glasses? Have you ever wondered at what age contact lenses for kids become an option? Here’s how my ten year old has coped with them.

Night Photography Tips with Transun #NightPhotography #photography #Tips #experiencetransun

I take a lot of photos & I’ve been really impressed with some of the shots I’ve snapped on auto on my DSLR, but manual settings have been a bit of a mystery. I recently attended a photography workshop and here I share some ace tips about using your camera on manual – particularly for night time photography.

A few practical tips & tricks that might help with the initial stages of parenting.

This week is the Bristol based Soil Association’s Organic Beauty Week, but with no legal standards for organic beauty products, how can we tell if a product is organic?

Where can tall women shop #tallfashion

This week’s #vlogchallenge prompt was Fashion and Beauty & I’m the last person you’d look to for advice about that, but I think you’ll agree I got round this challenge quite nicely!