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Tips & Tricks For New Mums

Tips & Tricks

Has there ever been a new mum (or mum-to-be) who didn’t worry that she wasn’t “ready”, or that she didn’t know what she was doing? Probably not. And the amount of advice that gets thrown at you when you’re about to have a baby can seem never-ending and even counter-productive.

During a second or subsequent pregnancy, you might be treated to a whole new range of “helpful” suggestions about how to introduce your first child to your new baby, how to treat the middle child of three… and so on.

The thing to remember is that, no new mum is ever 100% confident, so instead of worrying, why not try to focus on enjoying the experience? Here are a few practical ideas that might make the initial stages go more smoothly.

Sleeping Arrangements

Towards your due date,  you’re likely to be surrounded by new baby clothes, some freshly purchased, some of them knitted by various relatives and some of them handed down from cousins, older siblings or friends. Furniture is a bigger investment, and if you’re moving an older child from a cot to a proper bed, or moving two children into the same room in order to make space for a baby, Bedstar.co.uk have a good range of both bunk-beds and singles for small children. They also offer next-day delivery, useful for those of us who tend to leave things to the last minute!


While we’re on the subject of beds, as a new mum you are almost certainly going to miss out on some sleep! Mother & Baby’s Step By Step Baby Sleep Guide offers some useful suggestions, covering a range of different approaches.

If it’s your first baby, you might manage to get a nap when she does, which can make you feel so much better able to cope with everything. If that isn’t possible, try to slot in a little bit of time to yourself each day – even if it’s just a bath.


Certain well-meaning advice which clashes with your instincts can be politely ignored, but some things like infant car seats are legally required. Babies must travel in a rear-facing seat under current UK legislation, until they’re a maximum of 13kg (2 stone). The seats must be EU-approved and display an “E” symbol. You can find full details on the gov.uk website.

Staying Sane

If you can manage to avoid worrying too much, you’ll find that the key to staying sane and happy is often the willingness to accept help. Try not to think “I can do everything”; nobody can. You don’t need to take everyone’s advice, but if people are good enough to offer assistance, let them!




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