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Would you like to shop sustainably but don’t know whether second hand clothes are really for you? We try out Beyond Retro, a recent addition to the vintage shops in Bristol. Could they produce a fabulous outfit tor a wedding? Would they be able to cater for my above average height and why should we shop vintage anyway? Read on and prepare to be pleasantly surprised at what treasures we unearth in the name of being environmentally friendly!

If you haven’t had an eye test lately you may be surprised at how thorough and technical they are now. It’s a great excuse to relax in a comfy chair too

NCT sale this weekend. Come along and find some bargains. All profits go to the charity.

Do you have baby equipment which you haven’t got round to selling? Could you do with earning some cash for the clothes your children have outgrown? Would you like to grab a local bargain? Then come on in to Practically Perfect Market 2 where Listing an item on the site is FREE

Apparently not everybody in the world is on Facebook (although it sometimes seems like it) so some people have been unable to access the Practically Perfect Market – Portishead Facebook page. In order to remedy this oversight I’ve decided to set up a 2nd space for buying, selling and donating babies and children’s toys, clothes and equipment right here on the site. The idea is just the same – a FREE friendly space to buy, sell, give away or request baby and children’s items,

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