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Where Can Tall Ladies Shop? Video

Where can tall women shop #tallfashion

Where Can Tall Ladies Shop?


The objective of #vlogchallenge is to encourage bloggers to increase our video presence and confidence in front of the camera with the help of a weekly prompt. You can see my first vlog challenge on decluttering which came from the prompt ‘Top Tips’ set by Nickie from Typecast.

This week’s prompt from Kate at WitWitWoo was ‘Fashion and Beauty’. Ridiculous isn’t it? I’m sure I’m absolutely the last person you’d look to for advice about that, but I believe I’ve devised a cunning plan which helped me get round this challenge quite nicely.

Please don’t think I’m not taking my vlog challenges seriously.This time I even washed and dressed first, although I had to take my clothes back off soon after – you’ll see why. Again I tried to keep the presenting simple, just propping my iPhone up and using the piano as a tripod. The ‘fashion shoot’ was somewhat more complicated and of course reasonably embarrassing, but enough of the procrastinating, I give you Vlog Challenge, week two!




I’m not planning on shrinking any time soon and of course there are plenty of people who are taller than me, so I thought we might share ideas on a collaborative Pinterest board called Tall Fashion. Please check that out and let me know if you’d like to join.

So there we have it. I have vlogged – again. Is there no stopping me? 

And Finally

Please, please, please leave me a comment if you have any insider knowledge on where to buy another long length swim suit!!

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  • Kara 22/08/2014, 22:10

    I am afraid I have no advice as I am a titchy 5ft 3″

  • Kath Bee 21/08/2014, 22:16

    Next are great for longer length trousers. They seem to have realised that you need to extend the bit between waistline and crotch, rather than just the leg length like some places do. I’ve tried on trousers in Dorothy Perkins and had the ankles dragging on the floor, but not be able to get the waist to a place where I wouldn’t be flashing bikini line!!

    I never find tops that I don’t have to pull down a lot, so I’ve taken to wearing short dresses (that if I wore them without trousers, would be indecent) as tops.

  • Joanna Sormunen 21/08/2014, 01:56

    I’m over 170 cm which is not that much in Finland where I’m from. But I live in Ecuador where average height for women is 154-155 cm. So I’m HUGE and there is NO clothes available for me. I shop when I go to Finland, every two years, to visit my family. A great frugality tip also, lol

    • Jane Batt 21/08/2014, 09:28

      This makes my life sound so easy Joanna. It reminds me of when I used to have to buy unisex (code for shapeless) tops to get sleeves that were long enough. We used to work in Holland regularly and I always wished I had time to visit the clothes shops there, as I felt about average height over there.
      Thanks for sharing your frugality tip. I definitely need to do more international clothes shopping!

  • Shell Louise 20/08/2014, 23:15

    I’m a shorty as well so I have no idea where to buy clothes for tall people!
    Love your vlog. I’m still a bit shy and haven’t attempted one but maybe one day I’ll be brave!

    • Jane Batt 21/08/2014, 09:22

      Do it Shell Louise! The good thing is there’s nobody in the room watching you make a vlog and if you don’t like it first time you can just delete it!
      Let me know if you make one and I’ll come and subscribe to your channel

  • Louisa 20/08/2014, 19:15

    Great vlog. I am 5’8″ and struggle with inside leg length. Many shops class 31″ as long and I need 33″, so am often floating at half mast! I also have a long body so have started making my own clothes to try and get around the problem. My husband even had to adapt my dressmakers dummy because I am longer than it would stretch!

    • Jane Batt 21/08/2014, 09:19

      Hi Louisa
      Your eloquent description of ‘floating at half mast’ and the image of your husband grappling with a dummy made me chuckle. I wonder why ladies clothes shops don’t just offer a simple leg length like men’s shops do or would that be too easy?!
      Love your comments

  • Globalmouse 20/08/2014, 16:35

    I am sorry I can’t help with insider information, I’m a very average 5’7!! Great vlog though!

    • Jane Batt 21/08/2014, 09:11

      Glad you liked the vlog. I am enjoying making them – when technology behaves itself of course! Thanks for your kind comment Globalmouse

  • You Baby Me Mummy 20/08/2014, 15:43

    I am 5ft 10 so do feel some of your pain! 🙂 X

    • Jane Batt 21/08/2014, 09:08

      I suppose we should be grateful that there’s more choice around nowadays! Thanks for visiting

  • Kate Thompson 20/08/2014, 13:18

    Great idea – I am tall with a long body and really struggle. Boden and others make clothes for average height women!!

    • Jane Batt 20/08/2014, 13:31

      Thanks Kate. I can add you to the Pinterest board if you like.

  • Jen Walshaw 20/08/2014, 11:32

    I need super short fashion – I am five foot 2!

    • Jane Batt 20/08/2014, 13:26

      Hopefully petite at the other end of the range is just right for you Jen!

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