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Longleat Family Review and Top Tips

Longleat Review

Longleat was high on our family’s wish-list so we were delighted to be invited to the safari park and estate so we could share our Longleat review and tips here.

In this article we share what you can expect to find at Longleat, different ways you can visit the safari park, plus our top tips and money saving ideas for visiting as a family.

Lions at Longleat



Longleat Estate includes an impressive stately home, a large Safari Park and various other attractions. We started with a walking safari which gave us all some fresh air after the journey.


Our first port of call was the East African Reserve where you leave the car and get up close to the animals.

The giraffes were very friendly!

Friendly Giraffe at Longleat

And the tortoises gigantic!

Longleat review - Giant tortoise

We walked inside the lemurs’ enclosure and enjoyed their acrobatic antics.


They looked adorable and sensible, snuggling up to keep warm …

Put your coats on! Don't those boys realise it's January?

… unlike my boys who were coat-less, even in January. Brrrrrr!

Longleat Safari Park

This section is great for toddlers as they get a clear view of the animals –  the lemurs seemed fascinated by our children too!

After a journey, we thought the walking section was a great way for children to get outside and let off steam.


As we drove in we were given a CD guide – a new feature for me and we thought it was an excellent idea.

Audible alerts remind you when to switch the guide on and off.

The monkey enclosure was one of our day’s highlights. Warnings describe how to bypass this section and avoid potential damage to your car – but wouldn’t that be like going to a football match and not watching the goals?


We felt somewhat smug as my husband had remembered to remove our aerial!

It’s fascinating to see what damage the animals wreak on other people’s vehicles – until you realise there are blind spots on your own car!


I thought we came out unscathed….


…not for lack of trying on this little fellow’s part.

Turns out the monkeys were the winning team though, as I did spot some minor damage to the back of the car after we were home!

Longleat Safari Park

Maybe we were lucky, but we benefited from great views, with some animals just feet from our car.

Longleat Safari Park
Longleat Safari Park
Longleat Safari Park

That’s close enough fellas!!

Longleat Safari Park

The wolf really did look like he’d make a lovely pet – OK not my best idea . . .

Longleat Safari Park

. . Moving swiftly on to the majestic big cats.

Longleat Safari Park
Longleat lion

Despite constant reminders to keep windows and doors shut, the zoo keepers seemed blasé as they ushered a couple of leopards away from the exit.

Of course they were well armed  – with a stick!

Longleat Safari Park

Brave? Experienced? Or just slightly bonkers?

Longleat Safari Park

And of course Longleat wouldn’t be Longleat without the lions – and they didn’t disappoint.

Longleat Safari Park
Longleat Safari Park
lion at Longleat
Lion at Longleat


After the car safari, we decided to explore by boat.

Longleat boat safari

We got a glimpse of the gorilla colony. . .

. . .and a chance to feed the friendly and apparently permanently hungry sea-lions – another major highlight of the day.


It cost £1 for a pot of fish and I consider this money very well spent. The sea-lions followed us alongside the boat, barking and jumping for the fish.

feeding sealions at Longleat

We didn’t see the hippos, but we were assured they were there.


After the boat trip we rapidly admired more animals and then dashed into the heated butterfly enclosure to defrost!


The butterflies were feeding so we had a great close-up view.

Longleat Safari Park

At the handling area I was hoping for some fluffy bunnies or maybe a guinea pig, but the boys were delighted to get their hands on a big snake.


I blame this trait on my husband because they definitely DO NOT get that from me!


A pleasant trundle in a miniature train offered a different perspective of parts of the estate.

Longleat Review - train
Longleat Train


As we visited to do our Longleat review in early January, the Christmas theme was still in place and how impressive it was . . .

Christmas at Longleat Safari Park
Christmas at Longleat Safari Park
Christmas at Longleat Safari Park

Our family voted Longleat a fabulous, fun-packed day out and we would thoroughly recommend it!

We’ve shared our thoughts and a few tips below, based on our visit.



There is so much to see and do at Longleat we struggled to fit everything into one short day. There’s a large play area and the maze is great fun and challenging, but some attractions closed by about 4pm so we couldn’t take advantage of them. If like us you’re visiting in Winter, an early start is advisable.


If your children are very young, you may find the safari animals are too distant to be of great interest. A city farm may be a cheaper (or free) and more attractive alternative


My photographs were taken using a Canon Powershot SX200, which I’ve been very pleased with over the last couple of years, but during the car safari I really hankered after a longer lens. If you have one, remember to pack it!


The  journey  from Portishead to Warminster involves winding roads. In our case this resulted in a car sick child. If this is likely to be a problem for you, you might like to learn from our mistake and take the longer, more comfortable, motorway route.


Christmas entry for a family of 5 not cheap but we felt it compared well to other attractions and was worth the ticket price. Everything was included except optional extras like animal feeding, ice-skating and our travel and food. After entry costs, we only spent £1 feeding the sea-lions at the attraction.


We came prepared with lunch which we ate during the car safari and this worked perfectly.

Deals on the entrance price are often available if you do your homework. At the time of writing, their website is currently offering up to 15% discount for on-line bookings. Check out Longleat’s website for current prices.

If you’ve enjoyed our Longleat review, you may like to read about Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, just outside Bristol.

DISCLOSURE: We received a 2+2 family ticket for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own. 

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