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Toys, games, books and gaming

Toys, games, books and gaming

My 3 year old wears glasses and an eye patch. The Pirate of Kindergarten book is great for both children who wear glasses and to help those who don’t, to understand how children with glasses might see the world.

Robin Hood World Book Day Costume

World Book Day. A valuable date in the academic year, but is it just a bit too much hassle for busy parents? This year I did it the easy way with a shop bought Robin Hood World Book Day Costume!

When I had my first child I quickly realised that there were two things would help me function throughout the sleep deprived baby years. Coffee and cake. As he started to grow I discovered there was hardly anywhere with any sort of facility to get the children out and let them do something. Now we have Mandy’s Make Craft Cafe. After opening the little craft cafe in the Precinct a few months ago, Mandy asked us along to try out a craft session so we went down to investigate. . . .

PlayStation Vita Mega Pack

The 15 Hour PlayStation Vita Mega Pack Road Test.

This summer we tested out a Sony PlayStation Vita Console with 10 game Mega Pack. The long car journey to our holiday in central France would offer our boys the perfect opportunity to test the appeal of this new console. As parents we lived in hope that the new toy might reduce back-seat boredom and bickering!

Well, we can dream can’t we??

Apparently not everybody in the world is on Facebook (although it sometimes seems like it) so some people have been unable to access the Practically Perfect Market – Portishead Facebook page. In order to remedy this oversight I’ve decided to set up a 2nd space for buying, selling and donating babies and children’s toys, clothes and equipment right here on the site. The idea is just the same – a FREE friendly space to buy, sell, give away or request baby and children’s items,