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Ox Pasture Hall: Yorkshire Hotel Review

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review


Right at the end of September, the husband and I were afforded that rare luxury of two whole nights away on our own, so with three boys happily installed at their grandparents, we left the unseasonably beautiful Somerset weather to see what we might discover in ‘the great industrial  North’.

Our telephone SatNav seemed to be mainly on our side and apart from a momentary lapse just outside Scarborough General Hospital

“You have arrived at your destination”,

“Uh, no we haven’t!”

it guided us without further ado to our home for the night.


Ox Pasture Hall Hotel is located in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park.

The hotel is only two miles from Scarborough and as we drove along the country road and turned into the drive, we began to appreciate the beautiful setting of our rural destination.


Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review

Parking was straightforward with a large free carpark a few yards from reception.

The main building is a converted farmhouse, which houses the reception, bar and restaurant.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review
We were warmly greeted at reception and then guided to our suite. I love the fact that our hosts spent 5 minutes seeing us to the room, partly because I think it’s polite, but mainly because I’m really bad at geography and my brain switches off as soon as I hear a long series of directions:-
“I’ll just tell you where your room is. You go through those double doors, turn right at the bar, go up the stairs . . . .blah, blah,blah..”
The door to our room was off a pretty courtyard. You may like to imagine the gentle trickling of the water feature now, for the full effect.
Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review


Our suite comprised three rooms – a sitting room, bedroom and bathroom.
The sitting room was comfortable, homely and spacious with lots of light wooden furniture for storage, including a good size wardrobe. The main window looked out over a gazebo and neighbouring countryside.
I left the husband trying to tune in the television and radio, as apparently there was some ‘Ryder Cup’ thingy he would quite liked to have checked up on.
I know you love your sport, husband, but wasn’t it Jasper Carrot who hit the nail on the head when he referred to watching golf on the telly as:-
“Hours and hours of televised sky”?
 Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review
There was the usual beverage tray with sachets of tea and coffee and mini pots of UHT milk.
I appreciated the complimentary large glass bottles of water, but wasn’t so impressed with the hot drink selection. We’d never choose a cup of instant coffee at home and I’m not keen to go back to it at a luxury hotel. Leave a couple of sachets for those who prefer an instant if you like, but a cafetiere and some ground coffee are important for us ‘serious’ coffee drinkers.
 Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review
In the bedroom there was a second television.  The full length mirror was very welcome when it came to dressing for dinner. I would have preferred something much more ‘manly’ than the small bedside lights for reading but all in all this was another comfortable room.
And then of course there was the bathroom. As I walked in I said
and then
Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review

The room was tiled from floor to ceiling (mainly in travertine, I think). I loved the fixtures and fittings and even the husband, who’d dragged himself away from the the golf when he heard me exclaiming, commented on how stylish the taps were.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review
The shower was impressive with great water pressure.
Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review
The tray-less design meant that there was some leaching of water onto the floor tiles, which made the walkway slippery. I put a towel on the floor to avoid going for a flyer, but management was optimistic that with a minor adjustment this issue could be resolved in a more permanent manner!


Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review

I liked the useful little touches like this pot and the petty toiletries tubs.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review

I know the husband questions the wisdom of some of my photos, but how annoying is it when there’s nowhere to hang your robe or you have to put your handbag on the floor in a public toilet?

Thanks for the hook Ox Pasture Hall! I appreciate it.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review

Oh and the bathroom mirror was fab – seriously better lighting for putting on makeup than anywhere in my own house.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review



We’d arranged to have afternoon tea and as the weather was so amazing, we chose to take it in the lovely setting of one of the courtyards. If you’d like to humour me again just close you eyes and imagine birdsong, water splashing into the pond, the sun warming your face and you might get an impression of our idyllic setting.

All the scones and cakes are baked fresh, so we had to put up with the hardship of sitting in that courtyard, relaxing and marvelling at a friendly dragonfly, while we waited a few minutes for our food to arrive.


Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review

I hadn’t really thought the wording through and was expecting scones and jam, so I was blown away when this beautiful display arrived.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review


It tasted as good as it looked. It was all delicious – from the little beef and horseradish sandwiches with the crusts cut off to the shortcake biscuits, 4 fruit scones and fruity bread and butter pudding. My absolute favourite was the lemon curd tart with a crisp glazed topping. In fact I’d go so far as to say it’s one of the best puddings I’ve ever had.

Oh and it was filling. We didn’t quite manage all of it and FIVE HOURS LATER when we were due at dinner booking, we still weren’t that hungry!

Thoroughly recommended.

Afternoon tea costs £15 per person and you need to book by 11am that day.


Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review
After the indulgence of the afternoon tea, I couldn’t wait to see if the dinner at The Courtyard Restaurant was going to meet the same high standards.
I was in my element straight away as we were brought a glass of Prosecco – how did they know that fizz is my weakness?
Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review
For my starter I chose from the a la Carte menu
salt baked beetroot,  carrot puree, beetroot sorbet and orange
When I saw the beautiful presentation, I felt like I’d slipped onto the Masterchef judging panel. It also tasted great, especially the slightly odd sounding ‘beetroot sorbet’.
Highly recommended.
Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review

My main course was

Mini Beef Fillet & Tender Brisket of Beef

Again the presentation was stunning. The brisket was so tender it fell apart as I touched it, the fillet was perfectly cooked medium rare and the mushroom duxelle was gorgeous.
Highly recommended
Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review


In between courses we were treated to little tasters. I enjoyed my tiny taster cup of leek and potato soup – just enough to whet my appetite but not enough to fill me up. Phew!

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review


We weren’t bowled over by the strawberry consumee as we found it too sweet for our tastes.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review


The husband chose confit duck starter and grilled salmon from the Bistro menu which he says were also very good.
We did also order a small
assiette of deserts (for 2 to share)
and it was good but we didn’t really do it justice as we’d just run out of room!
All in all a very high standard of food. Well, you don’t get awarded one of these for nothing do you?
Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review


Be aware that this is a rural area with a patchy phone signal. For most of the time I couldn’t get any reception on my Tmobile phone. Yes I know it can be a massive relief to have a short break from technology when you’re away, but it’s useful to be informed in advance, as my son was disappointed when I failed to deliver a promised phone call.

My husband struggled with the TV in the lounge, as it needed retuning each time it was turned on. It also only featured Freeview channels and as a sports fan the husband would have liked satellite TV,  but, sadly for him, places offering Sky Sports in the bedrooms are very few and far between.

The wifi didn’t work in our room but I can confirm that there was a certain comfy sofa in the bar/snug (which I may have hogged for a minute or two), where the signal was excellent!


There are extensive grounds and a lake at the rear and it was no surprise to discover the hotel is licensed for civil weddings and partnership ceremonies. If you love the countryside, you might well be interested in their wedding service.
Ox Pasture Hall wedding
Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review


The grounds were also popular with a few well behaved dogs and their owners, who were staying while we were there.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review

We had a practically perfectly relaxing stay but there are a few small tweaks we’d like to suggest:-

  • As the phone signal is poor, it would be good to make sure wifi is reliable in all the bedrooms.
  • As I already mentioned, a cafetiere would be lovely and simple to implement. (I’d also prefer mugs as those little cups and saucers always remind me of a church function, but maybe that’s just me?)
  • Bedside lights need to be stronger for reading
  • Adjust the shower so it doesn’t leak
I’ve referred these points to management and their response is below:-
“Really pleased you enjoyed your stay. Feedback is important to us, as it helps us improve. Thank you. I have passed your points to be actioned”
And to recap the highlights:-
  • Superb bathroom
  • Great afternoon tea and dinner
  • Beautiful rural location with extensive grounds
  • Friendly service

Many thanks to Ox Hill Pasture Hall for providing us with superb hospitality in an attractive Yorkshire countryside setting.  It really was a relaxing stay where, for just a brief while, we managed to get away from it all.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review


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  • Amazing place! And that is before I looked at the sweets and sandwiches in that beautiful teatime display and all the other goodies. The perfect place to spend a few relaxing days with your other half!

  • Tikva 31/10/2014, 13:58

    Oh I love a weekend away with the husband and nice baths and hightea. Sounds like my kind of place. Those pictures are great especially the foody ones/

  • Zena's Suitcase 28/10/2014, 22:00

    Wow, what a grand setting and an amazing suite! Sounds like the perfect retreat to me. I’d love to stay here

  • ninjacat 24/10/2014, 18:27

    What a beautiful place x I want to go x

  • wendy 24/10/2014, 09:42

    Fantastic location, the scenery is beautiful. The afternoon tea looked yummy . Great review

  • Kara 23/10/2014, 11:51

    Looks like the perfect location for a relaxing break

  • Michelle 23/10/2014, 09:26

    Looks absolutely gorgeous – that bathroom – wow! And the afternoon tea – one of our favourite things! Lovely review!

  • agatapokutycka 22/10/2014, 20:53

    Wow! Stunning place.
    Everything looks just perfect!

  • Thompson Kate 22/10/2014, 19:30

    That looks such a beautiful setting, I would love to stay there. Maybe without the children!!

  • Amy Squires 22/10/2014, 16:44

    It looks stunning! Brilliant review! My partner and I are looking for some where to stay and this looks perfect!

  • Polly 22/10/2014, 16:10

    great review! looks like a fantastic place to stay

  • Rachel 22/10/2014, 16:08

    I am almost packing my bag to go, it sounds and looks amazing! Great review x

  • Jen aka The Mad House 22/10/2014, 12:55

    Loo9ks like you had an ace time. It is a beautiful part of the world. well I have to say that living in N Yorkshire!

  • Liska @NewMumOnline 17/10/2014, 21:53

    OH MY GOD you should be a TRAVEL BLOGGER this is by far and away the BEST hotel review I have ever read and your photography, just like the bathroom is wow, just wow and wow again.
    I will love details like the hook, the cotton buds and the shower water pressure to. I love the level of detail you have gone to in this room. I can’t wait to go now. LOVE LOVE LOVE that you took a pic of the running water from the shower. Oh and that dress in that mirror I have it too 🙂
    The scenery is just awesome; you have provided such a clear window to what it must be like in reality. Superb review.

  • Jane Batt 15/10/2014, 13:37

    Thank you for your excellent comments and for a lovely relaxing stay Shaun. I do try to be thorough and balanced in my reviews.

    While I’m drinking a cup-a-soup for lunch I’m dreaming of the delicious food we had up there! Now if you could just mail me one of those amazing lemon curd tarts that would be ace! 😉 Thanks again. Jane

  • Shaun Conway 15/10/2014, 12:51

    Absolutely fabulous review Jane. It was a pleasure to have you at Ox Pasture Hall
    We are really pleased you enjoyed your stay
    Kind regards,

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