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Kärcher Steam Cleaner SC3 Review

Video Kärcher Steam Cleaner SC3 Review

Karcher SC3 steam cleaner video & written review

Last week I was sent a Kärcher SC3 steam cleaner to review by ao.com. I’ve never used one before and to be honest, before it arrived, I hadn’t even registered that there was a difference between a steam mop and a steam cleaner! If you’re in the market for either you might well find the following video useful.

The video includes a display of the contents as they came out of the box, genuine family household testing (yes, I share some of my home’s cleaning black spots), my verdict about this steam cleaner and feedback on the service offered by ao.com, who supplied the product.

Karcher Steam Cleaner Review

The device is smaller than I had imagined it would be, which is handy for storage. I’d envisaged keeping it in the garage, but now I’ve seen it, I think it will fit quite comfortably into a cupboard.

I found the manual awkward to navigate as the number of languages included meant that I kept needing to switch between the front page where the diagrams were and then back to the English section to follow the set-up and user instructions. I added a little post it note to the English section in the end which made it easier to move between the relevant sections. I would also have liked more information in the manual about exactly what surfaces are suitable for cleaning and with which attachments. I suspect I’ll end up Googling ideas.

The SC3 was very easy to build as most of it was already done. I just had to click the wheels into place, insert the descaler cartridge and then attach whichever nozzles or brushes I wanted to use.

I had good results cleaning my floor tiles, grouting and around my stainless steel hob, although there was one stubborn patch of grime on the hob which refused to budge. (I notice that the SC3 premium version, which is also featured in the same manual, comes with a number of additional attachments including a power nozzle, which the manual describes as “well suited for cleaning very tough dirt”, so that might have been useful here!)

I imagine it would be easy to accidentally press the steam button while changing attachments, so the safety lock on the handle is a sensible feature.

The Karcher machine is lightweight and easy to carry around. It heats up and is ready to use quickly and the steam output is powerful. I added the maximum 1 litre of water and, despite cleaning a few different areas today,  it hasn’t run out of water yet.

I love the idea of using steam instead of chemicals, although I suppose the trade-off is that you’re using a fair bit of electricity to power that much steam.

I never thought I’d say this, but it’s quite a fun way to clean and I’m looking forward to tackling other areas of the house with it, such as limescale build-up around the taps and the shower. As one who is challenged in the housework department, I’m obviously hoping that said machine is going to offer me the edge in the ongoing battle of ” Me Versus the House” – but we all know that’s unlikely!

I’m going to give the Kärcher steam cleaner 4 stars out of 5. The only reason I haven’t given it five is that I just couldn’t get it to remove the last patch of grime from my hob, so I can’t give it a perfect score. I wonder if the power attachment on the premium version would have managed it.

Apart from that, I’m very impressed with it and I’m glad I ended up with a steam cleaner rather than a mop as I think it will offer more versatility.

Do you have a favourite tool for getting on top of the housework?

If you’re interested in this product, follow the link to buy the Kärcher SC3 steam cleaner on Amazon (affiliate link)


Finally, I’d like to apologise to Kärcher for removing your umlaut, but my SEO tool cannot recognise your name with it in so I’ve had to remove it in places. Sorry!


10 comments… add one
  • Kara 23/12/2015, 09:59

    We have one of these – they are brilliant

  • Ickle Pickle 22/12/2015, 16:56

    I love Karcher- and love my steam cleaner. It is so quick and easy to use. Kaz x

  • I have heard such wonderful things about the KArcher steam cleaner. Goodness knows I could use one in my home!

  • This sounds great and I really could do with one of these – I don’t have a steam cleaner but I would love one! Great review.

  • Jenni 21/12/2015, 20:58

    Ooh I love the look of this. I don’t like using chemicals now I have a baby in the house x

  • Eve Redmond 21/12/2015, 19:49

    Looks fab! I definitely need one!

  • Rachel 21/12/2015, 19:28

    This looks like such a handy gadget to have. I love how fresh and clean my house feels after being steam cleaned and like you, I prefer the use of steam to chemicals x

  • Tori Gabriel 21/12/2015, 10:37

    This looks good. I wish I read it a couple of weeks ago as we were researching steam cleaners. We went for a Vax in the end. Still a great review and hopefully others will see it before making their choice.

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