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Walkers Mighty Lights Crisps Review

Writing a blog over the last couple of years has led to our family being offered some interesting and varied experiences, which contribute to making this something I would struggle to give up. I certainly haven’t done it for the massive financial rewards!
Lots of everyday activities are a potential writing opportunity for me and I often find myself  composing a review in my head as I’m using a new product or trying to remember that when I get home I should add another of the children’s activities to the weekly planner.
Yesterday Bubble asked me
Mummy why do you take photographs of almost everything? When we were at Epcot in America you even took pictures of the toilets!
It’s true. I’m planning a series of travel articles and the quality and family-friendliness of the Disney World’s toilets is essential reading, surely?
But of course it’s not all dull and practical. Over the summer, the boys got a treat when they were offered the new PS Vita Megapack to review and today they’re very excited because I’ve told them they have the arduous task of being official crisp testers!
Let’s start with what Walkers have to say about their new Walkers Mighty Lights Crisps:-
With 30% less fat than standard crisps, Mighty Lights are perfect for kids’ lunchboxes. They are tasty, ridged crisps that come in three flavours – roast chicken, cheese and onion and lightly salted. All the flavours are suitable for vegetarians, and are available in shops nationwide. They’re made from real potatoes with no artificial colours of preservatives- and they’re a source of fibre.
Zu has just started Reception and is only doing part days. This week he’s adjusting to having school dinners for the first time and I’m not sure how well that’s going, as he’s hungry when he comes home. He was very pleased when the large parcel which the courier delivered, turned out to be 3 multi packs of Mighty Lights. He tried chicken first and then cheese and onion.
Chicken was the best because it had a bit more flavour than the cheese and onion.
Walkers Mighty Lights Crisps
Personally, I don’t eat crisps very often because I tend to save my calories for wine, but, always the professional, I tried a pack of chicken flavour. The taste was good, although possibly not quite as strong as a standard pack. The ridged surface seems to make them nice and crunchy. I wasn’t aware of them tasting ‘low fat’ in any way.
When I collected the older boys from school, they were obviously dreading the task ahead of them. No polite “Hello” or anything, the first thing they rushed to say when they saw me was
We’re doing our crisps review today aren’t we? Yay!
(I’ll share one of my handy mothering tips with you here. I strive to keep my children’s expectations low – that way they are easily pleased with ‘treats’ like a bag of crisps.)
Trainboy just about managed to get through the front door before devouring a packet of cheese and onion
I thought they were really yummy. I only tried the cheese and onion one. Are they by Walkers? I like them the same as the normal ones. I like the new texture on it though.
Bubble tried lightly salted but didn’t like them
They taste too buttery
I tried them and realised what he meant. As they don’t taste very salty, the overriding flavour is the crisp, so it does taste a bit buttery.
Impressions & Conclusions
  • Bubble and I were disappointed they don’t do salt and vinegar flavour, as it is THE best crisp flavour in the world. Walkers are also really good at those, so we’d like to see those as they develop their range.
  • All the flavours seemed to be slightly less strong then normal Walkers equivalents – although the chicken was probably the strongest
  • The grooves make them good and crunchy
  • The fact that the crisps were lower-fat wasn’t detrimental. We didn’t notice any particular difference or aftertaste.
  • I may be unusual but I don’t mind my children eating fat, within reason. They are all slim and do exercise. I only stopped buying full fat milk because storing three different types of milk became impractical. I would be more likely to buy products which contain lower fat for Practically Perfect Dad and I then for our children.
  • I really like the fact that Walkers have spelt ‘Lights’ correctly. Very refreshing.

If you have anything crisp related to add, please comment below. Perhaps you’d like to share your favourite flavour.   Multi Pack photo courtesy of 4 year old Zu Disclosure – Sponsored post, but all opinions about crisp eating (apart from the Walkers quote) are our own, of course.

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