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Spin - Fox Cycling Portishead

Mummy’s in a Spin

Like many of you, I expect, I spent a lot of time this summer running around after my children, ferrying them about, doing laundry, packing bags, preparing food, entertaining friends and unpacking bags. I put my own needs firmly on hold for most of the six-week stretch. Sound familiar? My boys had an excellent summer which is lovely, but I ended up feeling a bit frazzled.

Over the holidays I did virtually no exercise apart from one isolated 5K run. It may surprise you to discover that, relaxing in France, watching my children play a variety of sports in the sunshine, seems to have conferred no health benefits on me whatsoever and the pursuits I did engage in, like crazy golf, boules and table tennis, didn’t even require a sports bra. Enough said.

It would appear that I only did things which made me put on weight. Over half a stone in fact.The rather pleasant local Pelforth lager, French breads and interesting variety of cheeses, didn’t help either. The husband seems to be able to get away with immersing himself in the local diet. I don’t.

Fox Cycling Spin


I’ve been walking around for the last few weeks in long tops to cover up the fact that I can no longer do my jeans up. Something has to be done.

September always feels a bit like New Year for me and I’ve recently discovered I’m not alone in that. During the first week back at school, one Mum friend told me she was going exercising for the first time since the start of the holidays and another was about to join a slimming club. My own new school year resolution involves getting cosy with this little fellow.

Women only Spin Class at Fox Cycling Portishead I do have my own perfectly lovely bike at home (which goes along roads and everything) but, let’s face it, having been out of the saddle for so long, I’m going to need the motivation of a good instructor and a serious confidence boost before I’m ready to tackle the impressive hills of Portishead!

I do have my own perfectly lovely bike at home (which goes along roads and everything) but, let’s face it, having been out of the saddle for so long, I’m going to need the motivation of a good instructor and a serious confidence boost before I’m ready to tackle the impressive hills of Portishead!

I do have my own perfectly lovely bike at home (which goes along roads and everything) but, let’s face it, having been out of the saddle for so long, I’m going to need the motivation of a good instructor and a serious confidence boost before I’m ready to tackle the impressive hills of Portishead!

So I’ve just started spin classes at the new Fox Cycling studio in Portishead. My initial aim is to go a couple of times per week, at least until Christmas. If I put in enough effort, I’m hoping to be able to fit back into my jeans fairly quickly and I’m inwardly optimistic about what I might achieve by Christmas.

I’ve only been to two classes so far, both were for beginners, were for women only and were led by the amazingly enthusiastic, charming and fit Bella. During the sessions she suggests both standard and easier options, so you can go at a pace that you feel comfortable with. A heart rate monitor means you can track your progress in real time on a big screen and offers you the chance to get competitive with yourself or others. I find that really spurs me on.

I like the fact that spin is cardiovascular exercise, but it’s low-impact so it’s not hard on your joints. After the classes I felt some ‘delicate’ aches in various muscles – nothing painful, but just enough to let me know it had done some good.

Women only Spin Class Fox Cycling

Research suggests that getting together in a group yields greater benefits than exercising alone. I’ve already persuaded one friend to come along with me and our regular ‘date’ is booked in so we’ll be less inclined to skip classes. I’m looking forward to my next session and suspect that this spinning lark could be addictive.

So, do I have everything in place to keep me motivated at least until the Christmas holidays? I think I do. If you’d like to see how I’m getting on, you’ll be able to follow my progress on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll try to avoid any shots of my wobbly bits!

If running is more your thing then check out my 7 Expert Tips to get you Running post.

Enough about me. How about you? Do you do anything to keep fit or do you find it tricky to fit in exercise around your other commitments? If you’re not managing to do as much as you’d like, what’s stopping you? We’d really like to hear your  thoughts below.

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  • karan 02/08/2017, 06:55

    thanks for sharing this amazing post about spinning bike its very helpful.

  • emily 29/10/2016, 16:33

    Hey Jane, this is a great post! I need to do something like this!

    Keep up the awesome work!


    • Peter 05/02/2017, 06:45

      Great post mate.
      I love the fact that it is kind on our joints and it can produce similar effects as running. Only thing that bothers me is it becomes boring after certain period of time. Anyways, keep up the great work.

  • Pinkoddy 05/06/2014, 12:42

    Are you still going to the spin classes ? I heard they are really hard. I just started the 30 day ab challenge and in pain by day 2 🙁

    • Jane Batt 05/06/2014, 20:38

      Yes I’m still going to spin. Our instructor is very good at giving us options so we can chose our own level and after a few months of going I’ve noticed that not only do I feel fitter but I’m also stronger. I recently managed to cycle up an awesome hill which surprised the friend I was with as well as me!

  • chantelle hazelden 05/06/2014, 07:32

    my sil loves going to gym, I have yet to step foot in a gym/exercise class I have a fear of exercising in front of people, well done you for going!! #bloggingmums

  • Instinctivemum 04/10/2013, 19:44

    I am so impressed! I’ve always thought spinning was so hard! I’ve recently started a dance class, but should really do more…I too put on some French weight! 😉

    • Jane Batt 18/10/2013, 11:55

      I’m loving the idea of “French weight”, but surely they should confiscate that at customs?

  • Pippa 01/10/2013, 23:55

    Impressive stuff! I recently got an exercise bike on the advice of the physio (mainly to strengthen my knees so that I can do more zumba…!) and find it quite boring in comparison with the hilarity of zumba. But I can see how doing it with others could spice it up a bit! I’ve actually taken to balancing my computer on my belly and reading blogs as I ride (yes, I actually did read yours while on my bike! But I can’t balance well enough to comment until I’m off again…) and I watch a lot of TED talks – stimulating brain and body at the same time. I wonder how TED talks would go down at a spin class… 😉

    • Jane Batt 02/10/2013, 13:19

      I love the image Pippa. Glad you didn’t drop your laptop on my account! Bella mixes it up a lot so you keep working different areas. We do stand up too and I’m intrigued about how you might manage your blog reading then – there’s a challenge for you!
      But yes it’s actually fun. I have a session tonight and believe it or not, I’m really looking forward to it.

  • Slummy single mummy 01/10/2013, 12:20

    Good on you Jane! I had a boyfriend once who used to do spin and he said it was one of the hardest things he had ever done!

    • Jane Batt 01/10/2013, 12:31

      Don’t you worry Jo, I plan to pace myself. I’ll be choosing the lazy, I mean easy options for the foreseeable future!!

  • Jess @ Along Came Cherry 01/10/2013, 07:06

    I did a spinning class once, it was a killer! x

    • Jane Batt 01/10/2013, 09:32

      I’m glad you said that Jess. That was my experience of spin too, but this class is aimed at beginners. They want to encourage women, particularly Mums who’ve been out of exercising for a while and gently ease them back into it.
      They run killer sessions too though, I believe!

  • Emma Tait 30/09/2013, 21:01

    I always walk or scooter the school run weather permitting (yes I have my own scooter) and I walk the dog but probably should try and do one class a week that isn’t craft!

    • Jane Batt 01/10/2013, 09:33

      Sounds like you’re pretty active in your day to day life Emma. Good on you!

  • Aly 30/09/2013, 18:59

    I have no inclination to do any over exerting exercise ever.Me and the kids do go walking a few miles over the weekend and that is as much as I can cope with.

    • Jane Batt 01/10/2013, 09:24

      I have a pretty lazy 4 year old Aly, so long walks have been out of the question for us – unless we take a pushchair which seems to defeat the object! Now he’s a big reception kid I’ve started to see a change for the better, so who knows?

  • Joanne 30/09/2013, 14:14

    I really don’t fancy spinning! I’m off to zumba tonight … hopefully shake some excess weight away. I am still saying yes I just had a baby when said baby is now nearly 3!!

    • Jane Batt 30/09/2013, 14:57

      Well it would be so boring if we were all the same wouldn’t it? My youngest will be 5 soon Joanne so I’ve totally run out of excuses for putting it off. Enjoy your zumba class!

  • Melksham Mum 30/09/2013, 13:04

    If only I was closer! I love the idea of these classes. This time last year I got off my arse but worked out daily at home doing the shred consistently and reducing food intake. It worked but I do have to keep at it and have let it slip across the summer too. I need to do new things to keep it interesting. Good luck!

    • Jane Batt 30/09/2013, 14:01

      The commitments over summer make it so tough. Hopefully you’ll find some more local inspiration!

  • Kath Knitty Mummy 30/09/2013, 12:38

    I really need to get off my arse and do something like this

    • Jane Batt 30/09/2013, 13:59

      Go for it Kath. You might even like it!

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