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5 Christmas Survival Tips and Free NHS App

Eat, drink and be merry! The festive season is a time for celebrating but too much food, drink and partying can take its toll. Following these tips, courtesy of the NHS – and knowing where to go if you have health problem – will help you and your family enjoy a healthy festive period and winter this year.

1. Avoid Santa’s waistline

On average, we gain 2kg (5lbs) over the Xmas period. Swap mince pies, party snacks and alcohol for some healthier alternatives to keep your waistline in check over the festive period.

2. Be alcohol aware

At Christmas we may drink more than usual which can take its toll on our health, our skin and our general wellbeing, not to mention the extra calories. Keep a track of what you drink and get some tips on how to cut down.

Try these alcohol-free mocktails.

3. The hangover

Woken up feeling like Christmas elves are hammering on your head? Many hangover cures are really a myth – it’s rehydration that will help you deal with the worst of the symptoms.

Don’t drink on an empty stomach, drink water between each alcoholic drink and before you go to bed. You can find more hangover tips here.

4. Don’t wash the turkey!

Eighty per cent of people say the wash their turkey, but this increases the risk of food poisoning. If you become ill over Christmas ring NHS111 or find a local service.

5. Beware of that Christmas tree!

Every year 1,000 people are injured while fixing lights or decorations to the higher branches. Find a minor injuries unit.

Free NHS App

If you do find yourself in need of medical assistance, there are a number of health and local services options on offer, which mean you might be able to avoid a trip to Accident and Emergency. There’s a handy, FREE NHS service finder app which has been designed to help you find your nearest, most appropriate NHS service, wherever you are in the Bristol area. Just search ‘Bristol NHS service finder’ in your app store or click here to find the right service for your child’s needs.


Hopefully you’ll stay safe and won’t even need to think about calling upon these services, but isn’t it reassuring to know that all these options are available to us should we need them?

Wishing you a very happy and healthy festive season!



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