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I Broke a World Record with Britmums Live: Video

Britmums Live London Mummy Wrapping World Record Video

On Friday and Saturday I departed from the “daily grind” of school runs, laundry and probably the most demanding of my offspring, Practically Perfect Mums, to head off to BritMums Live in London. It’s the UK’s biggest, two-day social media conference and blogger event, where lifestyle bloggers and social influencers gather to meet and socialise, network with brands, improve their skills, and fire their creativity.

So what’s the point? Mainly, along with several hundred other bloggers, I get to come out from behind my computer, put on a smart dress and chat to people who are darn good at writing and who also face similar challenges and opportunities as I do on a daily basis. It’s also a really good break with a hotel stay, meals out, plenty of cake and the odd glass of vino  – a bit like a glorified works outing for people who normally spend a lot of time working alone like I do.

And what did I learn?  I learnt a few new skills; I learnt that I’d like to take my video camera and visit Costa Brava having spent some time talking with the locals, being massaged by them (actually massaged – that’s not a euphemism!), sampling their wines and learning about the region; I learnt a few new tips and tricks  about how to promote my videos direct from Marco Danesi of YouTube and I learnt how many Mummys you need to wrap in toilet roll to break a world record! Oh yes I did!

When hundreds of talented lifestyle bloggers get together something extraordinary is bound to happen isn’t it? I wouldn’t necessarily have expected it to be a Mummy Wrapping Guinness World Record Attempt though. If you have two and a half minutes to spare you might like to watch the video. I know my wrapping skills were limited as I mainly held the iPhone but next year us Britmums should be featured in the 2016 book of Guinness World Records.

Take a look at the video – if for no other reason than it’s a rare chance to watch a fair few bloggers wrapped in toilet paper, not speaking for three minutes!

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