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Apparently not everybody in the world is on Facebook (although it sometimes seems like it) so some people have been unable to access the Practically Perfect Market – Portishead Facebook page. In order to remedy this oversight I’ve decided to set up a 2nd space for buying, selling and donating babies and children’s toys, clothes and equipment right here on the site. The idea is just the same – a FREE friendly space to buy, sell, give away or request baby and children’s items,

Buy, sell, donate or collect through any of the Practically Perfect Markets and you are hopefully keeping your valuable kids’ stuff out of landfill, getting a good deal or de-cluttering your home. But to make this an effective, pleasant and safe trading environment, I think it’s important to be both cautious and courteous! Before you get started, have a look at the guidelines.

Do you need an item which you haven’t seen listed anywhere? Are you a community group looking for play equipment or children’s clothes? Would you like to buy a specific computer game that you can’t get in the shops any more? Then come on in to Practically Perfect Market Wanted Section and request an item with a FREE listing

Do you have children’s items which you don’t want money for? Are you having a declutter but don’t want the hassle of selling? Would you like to see your preloved items to go to a new home? Then you can list your items here for FREE

Practically Perfect Market – Portishead is a FREE friendly space to buy, sell, give away or request baby and children’s items in the form of a Facebook group.

Local parents have been telling me for a while how useful it would be to have an on-line marketplace in Portishead – and the beauty of this is that there are no selling fees. Click on the picture for details of how to get involved.