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Practically Perfect Market 2 – Buy / Sell / Donate Children’s Toys, Clothes & Equipment HERE!

Apparently not everybody in the world is on Facebook (although it sometimes seems like it) so some people have been unable to access the Practically Perfect Market – Portishead Facebook page In order to remedy this oversight I’ve decided to set up a 2nd space for buying, selling and donating babies and children’s toys, clothes and equipment right here on the site. The idea is just the same – a FREE friendly space to buy, sell, give away or request baby and children’s items – jut click on one of the images below.
Local parents have been telling me for a while how useful it would be to have an on-line marketplace in Portishead  – and the beauty of the Practically Perfect Markets is that there are no selling fees.
Obviously I hope we will be helping to keep unwanted items out of landfill as well as minimising our carbon footprint, as travelling distances are short when transactions are made. Members can help with this by inviting their local friends to join too.
The market is also open to wanted requests from private individuals and community organisations with specific requirements, but not businesses.
  • Do you have baby equipment which you haven’t got round to selling?
  • Could you do with earning some cash for the clothes your children have outgrown?
  • Would you like to donate toys to a group who would really appreciate them?

Then take a look at the boards below and make sure you read the market guidelines too

Buy & Sell kid's stuff

WANTED kid's stuff

Free Kid's Stuff

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  • Jennifer Walker 22/05/2013, 14:17

    I think this is better because most parents don’t have access to facebook. Some even don’t know what facebook is all about. At least with your site, people can just get in and check for more details anytime they want.

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