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Free Portishead Facebook Market – Buy, Sell or Donate Children’s Toys, Clothes and Equipment

Practically Perfect Market – Portishead is a FREE friendly space to buy, sell, give away or request baby and children’s items in the form of a Facebook group.
Local parents have been telling me for a while how useful it would be to have an on-line marketplace in Portishead  – and the beauty of this is that there are no selling fees. 
In its first week the buy and sell group reached almost 100 users and requests keep coming in for new memberships.
Obviously I hope we will be helping to keep unwanted items out of landfill as well as minimising our carbon footprint, as travelling distances are short when transactions are made. Our members can help with this by inviting their local friends to join too.
The group is also open to wanted requests from individuals and organisations with specific requirements. Items have already been donated to the children’s centre to be passed on to families “who have arrived in emergency to the area with no toys or families struggling with poverty”.
  • Do you have baby equipment which you haven’t got round to selling?
  • Could you do with earning some cash for the clothes your children have outgrown?
  • Would you like to donate toys to a group who would really appreciate them?
Then please visit the group and ask to join at


or contact jane@practicallyperfectmums.co.uk for more details.


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  • Jennifer Walker 22/05/2013, 14:12

    This is way better than just throwing away old stuff. Many children can still benefit from the old clothes or toys. There are certainly lots of unfortunate children around the world especially in third world countries. This program can really help a lot in providing for those kids.

  • Jane 01/05/2013, 23:47

    Thanks for commenting Sandrine. Yes the market has really taken off hasn’t it? I will absolutely, definitely get round to actually listing some stuff soon – just think of all the toys, baby equipment and clothes which have gone on to good homes – and not into landfill. Give yourselves a pat on the back now please!

  • Sandrine Daley 01/05/2013, 22:09

    The free Portishead market is such a great place to sell children’s items! It is easy to use, it makes it easy to communicate with potential buyers and it is Free! I love it. I hope more will join to make the most of this tool.

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