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Eye Test and New Glasses at Specsavers

If you haven’t had an eye test lately you may be surprised at how thorough and technical they are now. It’s a great excuse to relax in a comfy chair too

My 3 year old wears glasses and an eye patch. This book is great for both children who wear glasses and to help those who don’t to understand how children with glasses might see the world.

Does your child wear glasses? Have you ever wondered at what age contact lenses for kids become an option? Here’s how my ten year old has coped with them.

7 Expert Tips to Get You Running


How many of us would like to do more exercise? Feel our best for the summer? But motivation can be a problem, so I’ve asked some experts and they’ve come up with these handy tips to help get us running

Anti-Diet Coaching Comes to Portishead

A new nutrition consultancy service is now available in Portishead offering the opportunity to ditch diets for good! Dr Rebecca Hiscutt is a weight loss specialist and registered dietitian who provides help and support to help people lose weight whilst enjoying food.

Find out more about Rebecca’s Anti-Diet service and a forthcoming weight loss evening of cake, coffee and food talk in the article!