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Video: Contact Lenses for Kids?

Contact Lenses for Kids

Contact Lenses for Kids – An Eleven Year Old’s Perspective

Do you have a child with vision problems? Have you ever considered contact lenses for kids but aren’t sure how your child might cope with them?

My eleven year old has been wearing contact lenses for about eighteen months now and putting them in, taking them out and taking care of their hygiene them has become part of his daily routine.

In our latest video he explains all about the pros and cons of wearing lenses versus glasses and describes how they’ve changed his vision. If you’re trying to decide whether lenses are right for your own child, you might find this interview extremely helpful.

You can also see his reaction to having lenses put in for the very first time at ten years of age in this previous post.

Thanks for all the amazing feedback we’re received about this video from people who are considering lenses but aren’t sure if their child’s old enough, whether they’ll be mature enough to handle the daily cleaning routine or simply didn’t realise children could wear lenses at all.

If you have any more questions after watching the video, please leave them on YouTube or below and either my son or I will try to answer them for you. If you like what you’ve seen please remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and check out the Kids Blog YouTube channel too.

Thanks for reading and watching

Jamifly and Jane


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  • Stephanie 04/03/2016, 18:36

    I never would have thought about kids having contact lenses, but its a great idea. It is great he is being responsible with them and being mature enough for them.

  • Fritha Strickland 04/03/2016, 15:41

    I can’t believe he’s 11 already! He looks so much like you 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever thought about contacts for kids, you’ve reminded me I need to get Wilf’s eye sight tested as he’s not had it done before and Tom is really poor sighted x

  • Jodie 03/03/2016, 20:21

    I had contact lenses when I was a child. I used to take them out and pop them into someone else’s bag. They were reusable ones hehe.

  • DannyUK.com 03/03/2016, 12:11

    I must admit that it never occurred to me that kids could wear contact lenses. My eldest two are in their teens. I may mention it to them, thank you.

  • Life as Mum 03/03/2016, 10:22

    I’ve never had any bad problems to start contact lenses! I would probably forget about them!

  • Kirsty Hijacked By Twins 02/03/2016, 14:04

    He is braver than I would be and so grown up in this video. My 11yo wears glasses for reading thankfully he doesn’t really mind wearing them x

  • The London Mum 02/03/2016, 13:03

    I never got on with contact lenses, but I didn’t need glasses when I was at school, I just chose to sit a bit nearer the board. My sister however had awful eyesight. She must have started using contacts quite young because I don’t remember her using glasses when she went to senior school (11 I think). She still uses them to this day. I think as long as the child is able to hygienically look after their lenses it’s a great way to deal with eyesight issues.

  • Ally Mother Under Measure 02/03/2016, 11:33

    Haha, this has made me chuckle! I’m 28 and am nervous to try them because I’m worried I’ll forget about them or not clean them properly… He’s put me to shame! Looks like I’ll have to try now! X

  • Joanna 02/03/2016, 11:23

    I wish that I had the confidence to try out contacts when I was younger as now I hate the thought of anything going near my eyes.

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