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Practically Perfect Market – Portishead is a FREE friendly space to buy, sell, give away or request baby and children’s items in the form of a Facebook group.

Local parents have been telling me for a while how useful it would be to have an on-line marketplace in Portishead – and the beauty of this is that there are no selling fees. Click on the picture for details of how to get involved.

Skylanders Giants officially launches tomorrow (19th October 2012). Our little boys had a special preview this summer at Lollibop Festival in London. Here’s a little video of what happened when our little boys took on The Giants!

To celebrate the power of the London 2012 Olympics we have up for grabs 2 sets of 3 iBooks for iPad

Amazing Olympic Stories 1

Amazing Olympic Stories 2

Amazing People of London

To have a shot at winning these great prizes enter our prize draw

When I was asked to review Cbeebies’ legend Justin Fletcher’s new joke book which was published today (3rd May), I was looking forward to finding out how he would measure up against the comedy benchmark set by my three year old son. Read on for the verdict . .

My 3 year old wears glasses. She has been getting on really well with them and feels quite special and unique. She wears them because she has a turn and is long sighted. The ophthalmologist thinks that her glasses will correct the turn, but there is a chance that she will have to have an Read more

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