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How to get started with Decluttering – Video

How to get started with Decluttering

Video with Decluttering Tips for #vlogchallenge

Last week I was invited to join in with a new Vlog Challenge, which has been set up by two top notch bloggers: Nickie from Typecast and Kate at WitWitWoo. The objective of #vlogchallenge is to encourage bloggers to increase our video presence and confidence in front of the camera with the help of a weekly prompt.

This week’s prompt was Top Tips.

In all my years of working as a video producer and editor, I really only strayed around to the front of the camera to put a microphone onto somebody else, so this is pretty new to me. I knew that if I thought about it too much, I probably wouldn’t have the nerve to do it at all, so I kept it really simple.  I came straight back from my spin class, propped my iPhone on the piano and pressed record. 



These simple decluttering tips go with a post I featured a few weeks ago about my ongoing battle with my house – Taming My Clutter plus 5 Decluttering Tips!

I also have a collaborative Pinterest board called Me Versus the House which features organisational tips from various contributors.

So there we have it. I have vlogged – a sentence which is new to my vocabulary! And if I like the prompt, I may come back for week two – and perhaps even comb my hair first!

Please fell free to add your own decluttering tips or comment on the video in the comments below.

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  • Well done on getting on camera for the first time! Hope you enjoyed the experience!
    Your tips for decluttering are useful – I’ve included this post in the BritMums Video Round-up for July!

    • Jane Batt 12/07/2014, 00:03

      That’s fantastic. Thank you Nadine

  • Stephanie 08/07/2014, 13:46

    Well done on your first vlog! Thank you for your tips, I am doing up our house and love looking back at before and after photos but never thought about doing it for things like decluttering. Good idea!

    • Jane Batt 08/07/2014, 14:01

      Thank you Stephanie – although I wouldn’t like to shock you with a photo of my desk at the moment. *needswork* Hmmmm!

  • fritha 07/07/2014, 14:29

    you are so natural on camera! Love it! (I always forgot to do before and after shots) x

    • Jane Batt 08/07/2014, 13:58

      You are very kind Fritha. I’ve just found out next weeks prompt so it could all go horribly wrong on the next one 😉

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