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WaterBumps Offers Gentle Exercise During Pregnancy

WaterBumps, Water Bumps, Pregnancy, swim

Are you pregnant and looking for a way to stay fit and mobile? WaterBumps could be just what you’re looking for.  Being pregnant takes its toll on your energy levels, your muscles and joints and even your sleep! WaterBumps classes are specially designed aqua-based exercise sessions to help you strengthen, stretch and relax your body and help you cope with the physical demands of pregnancy.  The classes even include breathing and exercises that can be used during labour.

WaterBumps, Water Bumps, Pregnancy, swim

Jess Dicken from North Bristol, commented, “These classes have helped me massively in so many ways – the relaxation, the breathing, the links between the exercises and labour – it has been really enlightening.”  The techniques involved are gentle and perfectly safe for your baby, plus the water really helps to take the weight off.  During pregnancy the body’s weight and balance shifts, making it difficult to hold or even take some positions on dry land.  Water provides support that makes it possible to safely execute these exercises and with natural resistance as an added bonus.

Ali Burlingham, the brains behind WaterBumps explains, “Our classes are a really feel-good way to relax and keep your body in shape during this special time, and are beneficial whether you’re having a straightforward time or a more challenging pregnancy.  We have mums who regularly work out and want to add pregnancy-specific exercise, and we have mums in need of support with problems such as PGP (pelvic girdle pain).  Our classes can be great therapy for this sort of condition and help to stretch out tight muscles and joints.”

WaterBumps also run postnatal classes, helping women to regain their core-strength and muscle tone following the birth of their child.  These specially choreographed classes are designed to benefit women at any stage after birth, no matter how long it’s been since you gave birth, be it 6 days or 6 years!

To find out more about WaterBumps or to book your free taster session visit www.waterbumps.co.uk

WaterBumps, Water Bumps, Pregnancy, swim
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