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Proposed Changes at St Peter’s C of E Primary School

North Somerset’s School Organisation Team says

The Council is now in the position to seek your views on the possible expansion of St Peter’s C of E Primary School from an up to 420 place school to an up to 630 place primary school with effect from September 2014.

Details of the proposals can be found on the Council’s Econsult website at 

(2021 update – Link no longer available)

and we would very much like to hear your views and comments. The document not only outlines the proposals to expand St Peter’s School but also discusses where on the site the expansion might take place, transport improvements and how we can ensure that the standard of education at the school does not suffer should the proposals go ahead. The document also gives details of two public meetings which you may wish to attend.

This consultation is the start of the statutory process concerning the proposals and it is very important that we hear everyone’s views, especially those of the Portishead Community

What do you think? Your opinion matters!


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