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A Practically Perfectly Relaxing Mothers Day

Mother's Day cards

I’m one of three children and this year on Mother’s Day my mother was ‘nabbed’ by one of my siblings. My grown up niece had offered to cook a special dinner for my parents as well as for her own family. So the Husband and I happily anticipated a relaxing Mother’s Day with our immediate family.

At 9, 6 and 4 years my boys were old enough to translate their excitement into advance preparation and this year had been secretly planning and rustling papers for days. Early on Sunday morning they noisily shushed each other as they crashed into our room shouting “Happy Mother’s Day” whilst jumping on me. When I managed to get my eyes to focus I realised it was an hour with a six in it and ordered them away to play downstairs for a while – quietly!!.

When they returned some time later, I was quite overwhelmed with all the home-made cards (excellent work nursery, school, cubs and Beavers!) and flowers and chocolates (thanks Daddy).

Not a shop-bought card in sight!

Mother's Day cards and presents

I was particularly touched by the cards the boys had made me of their own volition and the four hand-written ‘chore certificates’ train boy had produced, which

“will let me do whatever job you want me to do”

I’m looking forward to using those. Rubs hands together with glee

relaxing Mother's Day with cousin timeDespite our plans for a quiet day, we couldn’t let the boys miss out on a bit of cousin time, so we popped over to the Grandparents for a quick visit. My conscientious niece was taking a break from her studies to bake a cake as well as cooking a big family dinner. I’m not sure whether it was through lack of time or comfort that we found her mixing cake ingredients in some rather fetching pyjamas at 3 o’clock in the afternoon!

Apparently their dinner was a great success and flying in the face of her normal work ethic, my Mother planned to sit down and relax while everyone else cleared up. (Still not convinced that you didn’t help though Mum!)

If you fancy an indulgent Mother’s Day treat without the clearing up afterwards, check out my guides, Where to enjoy the best afternooon tea: Bristol and Beyond and my Ultimate Guide to Portishead Restaurants.

Back at home my Mother’s Day was rounded off by a fabulous roast dinner, courtesy of Practically Perfect Dad.

Yes, he does a great roast!

And apart from sneaking in a few loads of laundry, all in all it was a lovely relaxing Mother’s Day for me.

Thanks to my lovely boys for making it special. And only 363 days to wait until the next one . . .

Did your family do something special for you? I do hope so.

Read about the history of Mother’s Day in this article!

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  • Sally Buttons 29/06/2018, 01:12

    What a splendid day. I wish my Reg would give me chore certificates. What did you spend them on?

    • Jane Batt 29/06/2018, 12:21

      It was lovely. I have a feeling that all this time later I still haven’t spent the chore certificates. It was such a sweet gesture though!

  • Jenny @ The Brick Castle 15/03/2013, 21:51

    Awww, that sounds like a great day…. I love all of those cards! 🙂

    • Jane 15/03/2013, 22:44

      Yes it was lovely Jenny, especially because the boys made most of the cards off their own bat!

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