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New Lake Grounds Play Equipment for older Children Photo Shoot

Lake Grounds Play Equipment

Press coverage + photo shoot on Wednesday 5 March at 4pm

Eighteen months ago I received a letter from a fellow Portishead mother regarding the possibility of adding to the play equipment at the Lake Grounds in order to cater for a broader age-range. It prompted me to write this article about the lack of provision for older children at The Lake Grounds and also includes Sarah Jackson’s original email to me.

Since then Sarah has been running the campaign to install new play equipment ….and the great news is that the new Lake Grounds play area is now open – fantastic!

Now that the new play area is up and running, Portishead Town Council have arranged for press coverage and a photo shoot at the new play area, which is next to the existing playground at the Lake Grounds. The Lake Grounds Play Equipment Group and the Town Council are asking for local residents and children to come down and view the play area, show your support and have photos taken for the local press this Wednesday 5 March at 4pm. They are particularly keen to have 8-12 year olds attending as the play area has been designed for older children.

This is the last chance to show your support for the fantastic work of the Lake Grounds Play Equipment Group who have been working hard to ensure that this play area was built.

Huge congratulations to Sarah and everyone else who helped make this happen. Another example of the community spirit which makes Portishead such a great place to live.

PLEASE show your support and come along on Wednesday 5 March at 4pm.

If you would like any more information, please email lakegrounds_play_equipment@hotmail.co.uk

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  • Amanda 05/03/2014, 14:16

    Well done. It’s great to see a success story. We went to lake grounds on Sunday and it is so good to have that extra equipment. Hope to be there later.

  • Sarah Jackson 04/03/2014, 21:02

    Thank you for this post! I am SO pleased that we have got this great new play area – I hope that everyone is enjoying it in this lovely spring weather!
    Hope a lot of residents are able to attend the photo shoot tomorrow afternoon; what a positive story we will provide in the paper next week!
    Thanks again.

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