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Last Tango Review at Bristol Hippodrome

The Last Tango Review - Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace at beach

starring Vincent Simone & Flavia Cacace

The Bristol Hippodrome

Tuesday 2nd – Saturday 6th February 2016

Fresh from their sell-out hit shows Midnight Tango and Dance ’Til Dawn, Strictly superstars Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace  are now dancing in their final theatre show, The Last Tango.

Twenty years of dancing together has seen them become Strictly Come Dancing favourites, World Argentine Tango Champions and stars of their own Olivier Award nominated West End productions. Now it’s time for Vincent and Flavia to bid audiences across the UK farewell with their brand new poignant production, The Last Tango so how do the pair feel about their last foray onto the stage together?

Flavia “We have had such a fantastic time creating and dancing in Midnight Tango and Dance ’Til Dawn. It’s an incredible experience to perform live in front of our wonderful audience night after night, but all good things must come to an end”

Vincent “The last few years have been intense – we’ve loved it. It may be our final theatre tour but we’re going to go out with a bang! This is going to be our best show yet!”

The Last Tango Review

Story Synopsis

A romance tinged with sadness, The Last Tango is set in a cluttered attic where an old fellow reminisces about the life he had since meeting the girl who was to become his wife. Despite minimal dialogue in the show, George manages to be an amusing and sympathetic character. He makes us laugh by drawing a child’s stool (which is clearly far too small) up to the ancient piano – and then there’s the recurring bum note when he tries to pick out an old favourite tune! With these simple acts of comedy he has the audience on side and keeps us there.

George fondly picks through half-forgotten possessions, prompting flashbacks of his younger life, offering a vehicle for him to share his memories with us. He reminisces about the highs and lows of his life since he met his beloved wife; their courtship; wedding; buying a house and the ominous knock on the door the day he’s called up.

Cue Vincent as the young George, Flavia as his beloved wife and the ensemble who dance the parts of family, friends and acquaintances throughout the years.

The variety of memories allows for a whole range of different dances, moods and costumes from a cheeky Charlestown on the beach, with swimsuit inspired outfits, to Flavia’s violent Spanish dancing in a swirling voluminous red dress while her husband is at war. Vicky Gill weaves her costume magic suggesting the luxury of a honeymoon cruise with long floaty sparkly dresses while the joy of VE day is captured in a lively swing dance sequence. Oh and there might just be an argentine tango in there!

The Last Tango Review - Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace - credit Manuel Harlan

The soundtrack comprises period songs, beautiful orchestral music and intermittent snippets of dialogue. As with many of the shows we see at the Hippodrome, the music is so good and seamless, it’s easy to forget to appreciate the talented orchestra hidden in the pit but at least we get to see the singers involved in the action on stage, which is fun. I give the musicians an extra loud clap at the end to make up for taking them for granted.

Oh and don’t rush to leave your seat at the end as you might miss a bit of a special sequence.

Age Suitability

It’s not a long show, in fact the interval takes us all by surprise and we seem a bit confused when the lights come up so soon! The show is scheduled to run for just under two hours, including the interval, so a 7.30 start means you could be getting out of your seat before 9.30, which is ideal if you have children with you or just don’t want a late night.

The seven year old gives the show a big thumbs up as he’s pleased to discover that there’s a story and not a whole show of back to back dancing but the vast majority of the audience is older as it’s not designed to be a children’s show.

The Verdict?

It looks like this could be your last chance to see this dynamic duo strut their stuff in a theatre performance, so should you step out for The Last Tango?

My father’s a big Strictly fan and has something of a soft spot for Flavia so for once I’ll let you have the last word Dad

It’s beautiful, I could watch it all night


Cast and Credits

Vincent and Flavia are joined on stage by Teddy KempnerMatthew GentCallum ClackDiana GirbauRebecca HerszenhornAaron JamesRebecca LisewskiJemima Loddy, Ian Oswald and Grant Thresh.

The Last Tango is directed by Olivier Award winning choreographer and director Karen Bruce and produced by Adam Spiegel Productions (The ProducersDance ‘Til DawnMidnight TangoLove Me Tender, The Mousetrap on Tour).


Performances:  Tuesday 2nd – Saturday 6th February

Evenings at 7.30 pm

Matinees on Wed, Thu & Sat @ 2.30 pm

Tickets: from £22.40

Concessions available at certain performances


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