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Portishead Railway Video

I am very pleased to introduce Practically Perfect Mums’ first video. I have to admit I’ve spent a few hours on this project. My seven year old made the presenting and voice-over look so easy but a fair old bit of editing and sound balancing has gone on behind the scenes. The programme was our take on a school project about Portishead, but Portishead Railway Group are so pleased with it that it will be featured on their site and be used as a tool to help with the campaign to re-open the Portishead to Bristol Railway line. If you like trains, would like to support the campaign to re-open our railway, or just like my son’s film, please feel free to share it, tweet it, like it and spread the word.

In this short film we go on an adventure to look for the old Portishead railway. This is a seven year old train loving boy’s story about trying to re-establish the missing few miles of line between Bristol and the growing town of Portishead, North Somerset. Please click the link below to view the film.

This is my first experience of uploading to YouTube and it is all looking fine so far (fingers crossed). If you have any difficulties viewing this clip, please let me know. Thanks

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  • HonestMum 08/08/2012, 08:25

    How fab-we used to live in Bristol. So well edited and what a little star you have on your hands.

    • Jane 08/08/2012, 08:50

      Thanks HonestMum. Had to learn another editing programme before putting this together so was somewhat time consuming but pleased with the result. Yes, TrainBoy’s naturalease in front of camera made it a doddle to film. I suppose I’ve always videod them a lot but 99% of the time just as an observer, so it’s been very encouraging to see how confidently and competently all three boys interact in an informal ‘interview’ situation.

  • Kim Lane 17/07/2012, 13:34

    Well done James and family, this is wonderful. I think that you should be on the inaugural journey!

  • Rosie Jill 10/07/2012, 11:17

    Excellent presenting skills James. Grandma and Grandpa are really proud of you. I expect CBeebies will be snapping you up soon!

  • Alexander Residence 06/07/2012, 13:45

    This is brilliant! Congratualtions to James and Chirstian who are naturals on camera! This is a real achievement. It makes me feel really excited for when mine are just a little bit bigger so we can make more films together. L is really starting to love presenting but won’t keep still and expects me to keep up with her! Isn’t it great that kids can master these skills so early though, technology is so much fun.

    • Jane 06/07/2012, 17:22

      Thanks AR. That is high praise coming from you. Up until now I’ve generally been the invisible woman behind the camera, just observing what the children do. Recently I’ve started interacting more with them, asking them questions and in James’s case encouraging pieces to camera. I’ve been impressed at how natural their presenting skills are. When I used to produce videos in a professional capacity, it was amazing how many competent professionals clammed up as soon as a camera was aimed at them so I am aware of how valuable this skill is.
      I am planning on using video for more projects in the future. I would like to make the most of the children’s obvious enjoyment of the medium for reviewing products and venues and then who knows where else it might take us? Any suggestions/requests??

  • Julie Boston 05/07/2012, 21:45

    Very inspiring video by James and his Mum.
    Hopefully North Somerset MPs and councillors have seen it and will put pressure on the government to find the money to re-lay the track. There’s always money for roads, so there’s no excuse.

    James, did you know that a Bristol school boy helped to save the Severn Beach line about 30 years ago?The decision makers said that not many people used the line but Chris Green, who travelled between Shirehampton and Clifton to go to secondary school, challenged the figures. He then went on to help set up the Severn Beach Line Passenger Association which raised money to run trains on Sundays in August some time in the nineties.
    I suggest you make more video. What about a rail trip to Weston super Mare ? There is a very friendly ticket office on the station and a buffet.
    Julie Boston

    • Jane 05/07/2012, 23:59

      Hi Julie
      I’m not sure if local MPs or councillors have seen the video – I haven’t received any feedback from them , but I do know that almost 600 people HAVE seen it and that a large number of them have given us excellent feedback on the DVD as well as comments in support of the campaign to bring back the railway. An article in the Evening Post today suggests that funding will now be available to bring the re-opening another step closer.

      Thank you for taking the time to share such an interesting story and for offering such kind comments. And yes, as the video has been so popular we do plan on making others which will be featured on the site in due course. (The Weston-Super-Mare idea sounds fun!)

    • tim kent (@cllrtimkent) 13/07/2012, 17:11

      Excellent video – I learnt a lot. James must be delighted that in 5 years time he will actually be riding on the Portishead railway!

      All the best

      Executive Member for Transport
      Bristol City Council

    • Jane 14/07/2012, 10:04

      Hi Tim.
      This week’s press releases, although optomistic, still left me a little confused as to whether the link will definitely be going ahead. I am, therefore, very pleased to hear how positive your comment is! Many thanks for taking the time to comment. We appreciate your praise about the video very much.

  • Brett Pritchett 02/07/2012, 19:50

    What a brilliant video by James and his Mum! They should be very proud of this… I showed it to a friend of mine at work who is a bit of a railway fanatic (he owns two steam engines) and he was extremely impressed (as was I)

    • Jane 03/07/2012, 23:07

      Thanks to you and your colleague, Brett. I must admit that I’ve had a bit of practice as I was a video producer for many years before having children, but James had never done anything like this before and I agree with you that his performance was great. What a little star!

  • Jane 01/07/2012, 22:42

    Thanks for all the fantastic comments on the video – here, on Facebook and over on the Portishead Railway Group website and Facebook page. Approaching 600 views now! Go James!

  • Jane 22/05/2012, 22:59

    Just 5 days left to add your name to the attached petition to show your support for improving local rail services in the South West

  • JemimaTrussell 20/05/2012, 12:29

    Massive kudos to a little boy with big ideas 🙂

    • Jane 20/05/2012, 12:55

      Thank you for your great comments & facebook like Jemima

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