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Portishead Youth Centre

Last week was a fairly typical week for Mum of three boys. On Thursday I took my three year old to a large soft play area, where he whiled away a couple of hours playing with friends. I had an excellent latte in a modern, atmospherically lit cafe. On Saturday I took my 7 year old to a classmate’s birthday party at a well equipped new facility. On Sunday I took my five year old to a disco party for one of his school friends where almost thirty children had a great time boogieing their socks off.

And what did these outings have in common? They were all located at the recently refurbished Portishead Youth Centre.

How many of us Mums have thought how great it would be to find a child friendly cafe with space for the little ones to play while we can chat or relax over a decent cup of coffee? Little Possets Soft Play is just one of the services offered by the venue. and runs between 9 and 2.30 on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The cost is £3 for the first child, £1 for siblings, plus a loyalty scheme gives the eleventh visit free. On Tuesdays sticky fingers runs alongside the soft play session from 9 until 12.30.Hot drinks are charged extra and at £1.80 are quite competitively priced. Their fancy espresso machine produces excellent coffee which is a big draw for me! Since Anne has been in charge of the coffee shop she has attracted customers from the general public, as well as mums and is looking to expand on this sector. Reasonably priced hot food is also available. and the cafe is open on weekdays until 6pmThe disco party room, the arts & crafts party room and the large soft-play hall can be hired on an hourly basis and are proving to be a very popular option with local mums and kids. The venue is also host to a number of independent children’s groups including Footlights drama, music bugs and the Rock Project.

I think we’re lucky to have such a comprehensive venue in town so if you haven’t visited  yet you might want to give it a try. Any queries should be referred to Clare on 842461.


Main Hall


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  • Amanda 27/06/2012, 22:14

    I take my 3 year old and baby on a Tuesday. Its our favourite day at the Youth Centre as the little ones get a chance to paint, glue and stick (and cut- which my 3 year old loves!!!), make something crafty, colour and play with playdoh and I don’t have to clear up the mess! We then go into the main hall and play with all the usual toys and can make a real morning of it and into the afternoon as well sometimes.

    • Jane 28/06/2012, 12:07

      Totally agree Amanda. My three year old and I have had a few lo-o-o-ong play sessions, spanning lunch as well. Fun and creativity for him + no mess at home and a decent coffee for me. What’s not to like?!

  • Jane 26/02/2012, 21:43

    Thank you so much for your feedback “twin_mum_portishead”. Really lovely to hear that you like the What’s on section – making it easy to see Portishead activities at a glance was exactly my aim.

    You have been entered into the competition to win a party. Good Luck!

  • twin_mum_portishead 26/02/2012, 20:16

    Just registered and discovered the ‘what’s on’ guide, what a fantastic resource for new mums as all the various activities are displayed on one page, much quicker than reading through all the free publications that we get through our letterbox every month.

    I would recommend the youth centre as a place to take your under 4’s, I go Fridays and usually at about 11 we all gather round the cd player and sing along. My 2 year olds really look forward to this bit.

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