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Three Cheap and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids with Poundland

3 Cheap and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids with Poundland

When Poundland contacted us, to invite us to collaborate with them on an Easter project, I relayed the news to ten year old Bubble, who happened to be right next to me.

“Yay, I love Poundland.”, he announced.

So that was that. Poundland is a top choice for my sons when it comes to buying pocket-money presents: The black sparkly phone case they gave me for Mother’s Day has been widely admired and the fact that it was only cost £1 is a bonus as we do love a bargain here at Practically Perfect Mums!

Eight year old Zu, who is partial to a spot of crafting, decided we should ‘crack on’ with the project as soon as school broke up for Easter so off we headed off to our local store. My two older sons went on a hunt for Easter themed sweets while  Zu, who is firmly in charge of this project, made a beeline to the previously overlooked craft section. (Where did that all come from?).

I was impressed with the range of Easter goods, although they didn’t have all the sets I’d seen online, probably because it was only a week before Good Friday. After careful consideration, we were so happy with our selection that we made a video about what Zu chose and why.

We were all set to start when my little man started to feel unwell and went down with a bug so we decided any Easter baking was out of the question. When he’d rallied a bit, Easter art seemed like a good option to cheer him up so we started with the tissue art – a simple but engaging activity with lots of  brightly coloured pre-cut tissue paper squares provided which you just need to scrunch up into balls and stick onto the peel off strips of adhesive.

3 Cheap and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids with Poundland

No mess. no glue and no colour-stained hands. Three different designs: a butterfly, a flower and an Easter egg shape are included in the pack.

3 Cheap and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids with Poundland

Of course we opted for the Easter egg! Zu sat quietly and independently, peeling off one paper strip at a time to expose the adhesive underneath and choosing which coloured paper to use for his design.

3 Cheap and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids with Poundland

The whole egg probably took him no more than fifteen minutes and once he’d finished, we added a strip of pretty Easter ribbon so that we can hang it up as a decoration.

Next we tried out the ‘paint your 0wn egg holder’ which is such a clever little contraption for holding an egg in place while you decorate it using the paints provided.

3 Cheap and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids with Poundland

I placed a fresh egg into the holder and my son twisted the egg as he worked, allowing him to paint his rainbow design over the whole egg apart from the ends, which he filled in easily once he’d removed it from the holder. The yellow and white paints were a little faint so we avoided those, but the stronger colours worked well. We’re pleased with the results and it was much less messy than trying to hold the egg in his hands. Our plan is to make holes in the ends of the egg to remove the innards and attach a thread so we can hang it up as a decoration and I’m sure the holder will be used again so it was a good little purchase.

3 Cheap and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids with Poundland

Finally he decorated a ceramic Easter bunny using the paint-your-own-egg pack. This doesn’t come with instructions, just an image of a completed bunny on the packaging.

3 Cheap and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids with Poundland

Using the glue dots it was easy to stick the ears to the rear of the egg then bend them so they stood upright at a natural looking angle. Again we used glue dots to easily attach the feet. Painting the face on required a steady hand and we weren’t happy with his first attempt as it went a bit splodgy, but I found it was fairly easy to wipe off excess paint with moistened kitchen roll and try again. The pack came with brightly coloured sequins but we weren’t sure if they’d add anything and, as Zu was still under the weather, we decided to go for the minimalist approach and just use PVA to add a small tail from the pom-pom pack.

3 Cheap and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids with Poundland

So there we have it. Three Easter crafts which are self-contained and easy enough even for an eight year old, who’s not firing on all cylinders, to make and with very little mess.

3 Cheap and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids with Poundland

I’d recommend all three of the sets we’ve featured, particularly the paint your own egg holder as it can be used again and the tissue art as it’s so self-contained and I should imagine children much younger than eight would enjoy creating pretty designs with it.

I’d like to thank Poundland for setting us this challenge as I haven’t really taken much notice of the craft section before and I’m really impressed that you can buy a whole self-contained set for £1. A friend visiting with her craft-mad daughter was telling me how useful she finds our local store as, before we had it, she used to have to pay considerably more for bits and pieces from a dedicated craft store. Now we’ve discovered Poundland crafts, I definitely plan on checking out the seasonal section in future.

If you think you might like to try any of these craft ideas, feel free to pin the image below for future reference.

3 cheap & easy Easter crafts for kids


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  • matt 05/05/2017, 14:35


    Yes, you have hit the nail on the head there. Poundland can be grossly underrated as a store and depending on what you go there for you can get some amazing stuff. The paint your own egg set seems awesome value as a reusable item for which I can imagine you would pay at least £10 for that set in a dedicated craft store.

    Great review/post and great photography too, you managed to capture the whole experience beautifully.

    • Jane Batt 09/05/2017, 10:56

      Yes I think we’ll be going back for more. Thanks for your super-generous comment Matt!

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