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What’s inside a Beefeater? The Pavillion Weston-Super-Mare Review

The Pavillion Beefeater, Weston-super-Mare

We recently visited the newly refurbished Pavillion Beefeater in Weston-super-Mare for the first time. The pub-restaurant is located a few minutes from the town centre and seafront, on the same turn off as the Hutton Moor Leisure Centre. With the Premier Inn next door, parking is plentiful.


As soon as we step inside we’re impressed by the interior decor. My nine year old son spontaneously declares:-

“Ooh, this looks nice”


The pub restaurant features a variety of seating areas, each with its own style and interesting accessories. It feels as though a lot of thought has gone into this rustic look. It’s smart and atmospheric but casual enough that I don’t feel as though I need to be on edge about the children being on their best behaviour.

IMG_4326 IMG_4318 IMG_4324 IMG_4320

As we’re visiting on such a beautiful day we decide to make the most of the sunshine and have a drink in the garden while deciding what to order. The children are excited to be allowed a ‘bottomless’ fizzy drink and even more so when they discover that this isn’t limited to just lemonade and cola but includes apple and orange Tango too!


There’s no play area in the garden but we all enjoy sitting outside while ordering and waiting for our food to arrive. Considering its proximity to the ring road, the outside space has a surprisingly rural feel, with a field and cycle path next door. (Although I hear a rumour that the field may be used for additional parking at some point in the future.)


The boys all decide to choose from the children’s menu – even my 11-year-old, as we correctly anticipate that this is the sort of restaurant where portion sizes might be generous.


Two of the boys opt for Sunday lunch, (one chicken and one beef) and the other chooses chargrilled chicken from the standard children’s menu as he really fancies chips. I try to persuade him to have a Sunday dinner as he’ll get yummy roast potatoes, whereas he could have chips any time, but he sees right through this and quite rightly points out,

“That isn’t actually true is it Mummy – that I can have chips whenever I want?”

Chips it is then!

Food preparation in the kitchen adjacent to the restaurant is on view but quite discreet.

IMG_4328 IMG_4330

As expected the children’s meals are generous.

IMG_4301 IMG_4310 IMG_4309

When we order our meals we’re given the option to choose how we want our meat cooked, i.e. rare, well done etc. I learn afterwards that they slow cook the meat to a point and then griddle it afterwards, giving the roast meat a chargrilled flavour.


Unlike the children’s meals, our adult roasts come with seasonal veg. Friendly waiters are happy to provide us with additional gravy, free of charge.


We order an additional dish of sautee potatoes which are tasty, but quite a modest portion, so don’t go very far between five of us!


For the sake of writing a thorough review we feel we HAVE to try the puddings. The boys can choose from “Little Miss Naughty’s Puddings” as part of a meal deal and all decide to go for the “mini chocolate challenge”, as they can’t resist creating their own pudding “with ice-cream, chunky chocolate fudge brownies, marshmallows and chocolate sauce”.


I go for the lemon posset which is an absolute triumph and the highlight of the meal as far as I’m concerned! It’s beautifully presented and the combination of zesty lemon, raspberry compote and all butter shortbread is seriously delicious.


With our stomachs full we drive a few minutes into Weston-super-Mare to enjoy some time playing that ever popular local game “Where’s the sea gone?”.


Of course it’s just a case of knowing where to look because just around the corner we spot it!



The children were offered a variety of side dish options but, as with many restaurants, not the same vegetable selection as the adults. I’m sure they could have had the swede and green beans like us if I’d asked, but ideally I’d like to see fresh veg on the kid’s menu too.

A slight error was made on our bill but this was rectified quickly as soon as I pointed it out. I only mention this as I believe they have an automated system so an error in a meal deal price would suggest a glitch in the system rather than with a waiter.


There are the usual facilities you’d expect such as disabled toilet, baby changing facility and free wifi access.

The food is presented well.

My growing eleven year old is impressed that the children’s portion filled him up but cleverly left just enough room for pudding!

The boys enjoyed the mini chocolate challenge pudding.

The boys adored the refillable drinks

The husband appreciated the quality of one of his favourites beers in the World – Tribute ale from St Austell, Cornwall.

The children liked the Mr Men themed menu and thought it was clear laid out and child-friendly.

We all really liked the decor inside as well as the outdoor space.

Waiting and bar staff were friendly and courteous.


We opted for a roast but this wasn’t a conventional Sunday dinner as all our meat had a chargrilled flavour. If we go back, I want to order a steak – after all they do call it a steak restaurant!

Yes I think we’d go back – the children definitely would as they really liked it.


PHOTOGRAPHY: I didn’t fancy lugging my beautiful stonking great Canon DSLR and lens combo around the restaurant and pointing it ostentatiously in peoples faces so please note that I’ve taken all photos in this post on my iPhone 4S. (I’d really love to update to an iPhone 6 for this kind of post as the camera is supposed to be a-m-a-z-i-n-g, so next time you meet the husband, perhaps you could mention to him how much better my photography could be with one!)

DISCLOSURE: We were compensated for this review however all opinions are our own.

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  • Zena's Suitcase 16/06/2015, 12:32

    we enjoy the Beefeater where we live. I agree, the interiors are great now. I think I would go for the steak next time too 🙂

  • Stephanie 15/06/2015, 10:42

    It looks nice in there, the food does look simple but very tasty. The outdoor space is nice to have as well and your trip to the beach after looks fun!

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