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Deki charity

What if you could lend the same money again and again to empower one African entrepreneur after another, giving them the chance to set up their own businesses, put food on the table each day for their families and give their children an education? Seriously, you could do this with the help of Deki Charity and here’s how!

How to Help Families in Syria NOW!

Help for Refugees Portishead - How you can help NOW!

How can we help families suffering inside Syria right now, right here in Portishead? Here’s how!

The people of Portishead have pulled together to send HUNDREDS of boxes of warm clothing, bedding & shelters to help Europe’s refugees. Have a look at this lovely little token of thanks which has been put together to say thank you to many of the generous local businesses involved. Details of how you can continue to offer help for refugees in the post.

A band of workers has been busy sorting mountains of clothing, shoes & toiletry donations for distribution to refugees. Here are easy ways you can help too

Video: Red Nose Day Danceathon Rocked!

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Happy Red Nose Day. On Sunday we danced for 6 hours fuelled by little more than a cereal bar & shared embarrassing images of ourselves all over social media in our quest to raise a few quid for Comic Relief. Here’s how it went along with my 2 minute Danceathon video highlights. Enjoy!