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Eating Out

Clifton Lido Review

My review of Clifton Lido in Bristol – It has a heated outdoor pool, steam room, sauna, hot tub, bar and restaurant, but this is certainly different to any spa I’ve been to before!

Mandy’s Make Cafe Meets Minecraft

When I had my first child I quickly realised that there were two things would help me function throughout the sleep deprived baby years. Coffee and cake. As he started to grow I discovered there was hardly anywhere with any sort of facility to get the children out and let them do something. Now we have Mandy’s Make Craft Cafe. After opening the little craft cafe in the Precinct a few months ago, Mandy asked us along to try out a craft session so we went down to investigate. . . .

Favourite Places to Eat in USA, Canada & UK

A couple of weeks ago I had a bit of fun writing a review of our favourite places to eat in and around Portishead. With the recent investment into trendy new local bars and restaurants, it’s getting ever easier to leave the car at home and wander down to the High Street or Marina for a meal out, rather than travelling farther afield, but I’m pleased to clarify that there is also a bigger plan which reaches quite a distance from our town. Practically Perfect Mums is linking up with other reviewers from various parts of the UK as well as Canada and the USA to offer personal restaurant recommendations from writers around the globe. Take a look at who’s involved!

Here’s the rest of the list so far. Bon appetit!

As part of the brand new Social Fabric Restaurant blog hop, we’ve chosen 10 of our favourite local places to eat in and around Portishead – based on location & atmosphere, food & drink, value for money and customer service.

I wonder if you agree with our selection?