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Anti-Diet Coaching Comes to Portishead

Want to Ditch those Diets?

 A new nutrition consultancy service is now available in Portishead offering you the opportunity to ditch diets for good!

Anti Diet Coaching, Portishead

Dr Rebecca Hiscutt is a weight loss specialist and registered dietitian who provides help and support to help people lose weight whilst enjoying food.

Eat Better and Feel Better

Rebecca launched her Anti-Diet Coaching service as she had seen so many people on an endless cycle of dieting, weight loss, weight gain, dieting and wanted to show people there is a (more more enjoyable) alternative.

Only around 5% of diets are successful in helping people lose weight long term. Diets can cause stress, feeling of failure, guilt and pre-occupation with food as well as hunger. The bodies natural defence mechanism kicks in when we start to lose weight and this causes a reduction in our metabolic rate, increases appetite and changes to energy expenditure. No wonder dieting is no hard!

But we are learning more all the time about weight loss, hunger and how our bodies respond to food. All these new findings are utilised in anti-diet coaching into practical and useable tips to help you to eat better and feel better. Because you will be eating fabulous food most of the time there’ll be room for less healthy foods too and you’ll be able to enjoy them because it will all be part of your plan.

Food should nourish but food should also be enjoyed!

Anti Diet Coaching, Portishead

How does it work?

Have an initial consultation with Rebecca and have an hour to talk about you and food. A personalised programme will then be created for you so all the thinking is done. Rebecca is then on hand as your personal dietitian and chief motivator to support you in meeting your goals! You can get on with life knowing we’ve thought about…

Making sure you get all the nutrients your body needs

Making sure you have long lasting energy through the day

Making sure you don’t get too hungry

Making sure you’re eating food you enjoy

Making sure we find room for cake (or chocolate or…)

Making sure it works for you and your lifestyle

Making sure you have lots of practical ideas and tips to help

Making sure you have lots of ideas to use but can add/change meals snacks to suit you

Making sure you’ve got an expert dietitian on hand to support and motivate you.

Anti Diet Coaching, Portishead

Taking the First Step

If you fancy abandoning diets, enjoying food and losing weight, call Rebecca on 07715 007875.

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